Finance, Accounting & Payroll

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Answers to some FAQ: Why is this invoice not paid? Payment was sent, but check never cleared, what do

PeopleSoft applications training support

Resources including benefits & payroll, time & absence reporting, and performance management.

Access Business Unit Financial Reports.

Use this tool to look-up and validate 33 digit codes.

Use listing and link to the forms currently available on ABLE.

Finance, Accounting & Payroll

We provide a wide-range of financial services and programs to the Campus Services community and are committed to:

  • Continuously improving customer service
  • Developing innovative and cost-effective solutions

Our unit is dedicated to promoting the financial health and security of Campus Services by providing important financial information, both actual and budgetary. 

News & Events

There will be early payroll deadlines for winter recess to allow weekly and bi-weekly employees to receive their checks on Wednesday, December 23, 2015.

November FY16 Financial Statements are

Strategic Procurement has extended the University contract with W.B. Mason, the  preferred office supply vendor, for 2 years thru January 1, 2018. Two key components of the extension include: