How To Guide

Answers to some FAQ: Why is this invoice not paid? Payment was sent, but check never cleared, what do I do? The company just issued a new invoice that has a brand new primary payment site on it, what do I do?

This interview guide contains questions for evaluating candidates on inclusion competency.

Three Methods on how to determine payment Status: HCOM or AP Views.

These Eureka courses explain the Payroll features and requirements of PeopleSoft. 

HUBS is a central, financial application that supports the University's fiscal budget cycle. This Wiki is maintained by the HUBS team.

This shows AR deadlines for submission of payroll deduction requests.

This shows file submission deadlines to Student Receivables and payment due date for the students

This shows schedule of month-end posting for HUH / HRE tenants in Yardi .

Access to this link is limited to authorized users.  This SharePoint site contains confidential budgetary and planning information, and is intended solely for use by officials of Harvard University.

Click Here for the information about different options for HUH rent payment